Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TV can be good....

We watch TV as a family. My kids are curious kids and ask a lot of questions and we end up looking up a lot of stuff to learn more info. That's just how we do it - Tom & I are just those type of people who always needs to know more.

I cant remember what we were watching this past weekend with the kids but they mentioned heterochromia. Heterochromia is when one has 2 different colored eyes. You know what I'm talking about. You've all seen some dog with one blue eye and one green or brown eye. HT asked if people could have it. I said yes but had to look it up to prove it (it's just something we do).

So, I wiki'd "Heterochromia". It proved people can have 2 different colored eyes but I learned something else very interesting. There is a form called Central Heterochromia (in addition to complete and partial heterochromia). Central Heterochromia is where there are 2 different colors in the same iris with one of the colors encircling the pupil. I saw a picture of it and was semi-floored. These were my eyes! I have Central Heterochromia. So does my mom. So does HT. Obviously, we have the genetic form since all of us have it for at least 3 generations. It happens due to low melanin levels. Just very interesting.

Again, here's my eye again now knowing my "color" has a name. :)


KK said...

Hey! I have it too! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

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James'momma said...

Very cool