Monday, October 10, 2011

It's 9:30 am

What have I accomplished this morning?

Got 1 kid bathed the other 2 showered.
All kids fed, packed lunches & book bags for school.
Gave out meds.
Wrote teacher a note.
Picked up niece.
Dropped 3 of 4 kids off at 1 school.
Brought last one to preschool.
Spoke to office staff about billing.
Spoke to Pastor about missing sweatshirt.
Dropped off Upward form for niece with front office staff.
Got coffee.
Went to pediatrician to make appointment for Tom to see Dr. Jim.
Have them (pedi) figuring out what to do with CT since he's head-to-toe covered in hives again this morning.
Spoke to them about the billing issue and how they coded it wrong.
Now back home for 2 hours.....

Any wonder why I seemingly drop off the face of the earth at times?

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