Thursday, September 22, 2011

My son the robot

Nothing new.
Same old CT as he always was.
I guess I hoped with age he'd grasp certain concepts and change.

Well, after 7-`1/2 years, my son is still a robot.
Albeit a whiny, nasty robot, but still just a robot.

He has no feelings.
He has no regard for other people's feelings.
He doesn't know boundaries, so he's beyond trying to test them.
He does NOT learn from his mistakes.

He is SUPER smart.
He taught himself to read at 2-1/2.
He can spell words he's never seen before or are totally not age-appropriate (ie doxycycline).
He can figure out other languages when he sees them on paper.
He's a remarkably smart kid.

He's just so.... UGH!
How can a kid who woke up at 7 already have me past my daily pissed-off limit by 8?
I have a high I-can-take-a-lot-of-bleep threshold but he gets me right to mine so quickly!

I am just at a loss of what to do with this kid.
Talk about feeling like a complete and total failure!

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