Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Worst. McDonald's. Ever.

You can make all the jokes you want about McDonald's sucking.
You have never been to the McDonald's in Wakefield-area of Raleigh/Wake Forest.
It has got to be one of the worst in the country!
I have yet to meet a local person who does NOT have a story about how they screwed up.

Why do they suck?
How about waiting more than 15-minutes at the drive-thru?
How about not getting all the food you paid for?
How about asking for something done a certain way (no ice or ketchup only) and the order is always wrong?
How about waiting on a long line only to be told as placing the order that their system is down and it's cash only?
How about placing an order and being told at the second window (after you ordered and paid and waited some more) that they are out of something but not refunding your money?

What about if this happened ALL THE TIME? This is all from my family. All from the location on Wakefield Pines Drive. All in the last year. Some  multiple times in a month.

What prompted this particular post to be crafted?
Here's today's story:

After waiting 15 minutes to place my order, I ordered our food (2 6-Piece Kids meals with a Coke & a Orange Drink, and a #4 Large with a Coke).
After paying, I waited about another 5 minutes (or more) to get to the second window to get my food and drinks.
This is where i was informed that their fountain drinks are not working and we could have chocolate milk, white milk, or a juice box. I was annoyed. I said how I should have been informed of such. a Managerial level employee said that a guy came in and didn't tell them and turned it off (meanwhile it's the lunch rush - like he couldn't wait 30 minutes since it was working fine a minute ago?!?). She had a MASSIVE attitude problem and was probably the rudest manager i have ever encountered in retail. I agreed on Chocolate milk for the kids (the 4 year old in the car started crying because he wanted his coke). I asked what about mine. I had a large drink, not a tiny kids drink. I got told same options and then she added in that I could have a Sweet Tea. I said fine, a sweet tea no ice then.
She handed me my sweet tea (WITH ICE) and when I didn't drive away she just stared at me. I asked for my food. She looked at me like I was insane. I said that I did not get my food that I ordered. She turned around to see my food sitting behind her. She handed it to me without saying a word and closed the window. Serious snotty attitude again.

Worst part? NEVER an apology. Never trying to remedy the situation.

Seriously? How can they get away with this? I mean they are part of a HUGE corporation. They should have standards that tghey have to meet in order to function under that name. They are giving McDonald's a bad name (or worse name depending in your outlook).
I have complained to corporate before. Once about 18 months ago about missing food. How many complaints before corporate steps in and complains?
I urge anyone who has had bad service at this McDonald's to contact  McDonald's. You can do so via this page - Maybe they need an onslaught of complaints. They certainly need something!


smgrace said...

Tara - we feel your pain here in NY!!! Especially on LI where McDonalds are a dime a dozen and almost every other block or town has one (or more)....and they ALL have terrible reputations here! No customer service, never getting what you paid for, etc. Now even in trying to live a healthy lifestyle, I will get the kids nuggets and fries and they manage to mess up the kids meals....really? It just stems down to laziness and no ability to multitask or pay attention to the job at hand. This is why customer service suffers in today's society. There is even a bigger message here then just a story about McDonalds!!

Joni said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. good to meet a new local bloggy friend. i look forward to reading more. it should be fun to get someone else's perspective on NC. especially since we seem to be so close. i have never tried the mcdonalds in wakefield but i know of a bojangles in durham near my parent's house that has never gotten my families order right since it was built. that was at least 20 years ago.