Friday, November 19, 2010

So Does No Tolerance Policy Work?


How do I know? My nephew.

He's been teased and tormented. He's been knocked unconscious. He's been dangled off a porch-like structure. He's had gum put in his hair. That was all between 4th & 5th grade!

Was anyone in trouble? Not really. Were the parents informed by the school? no. Were they even notified when he was literally blacked out that something happened? no. Are there any reports anywhere to prove this? no. School looks perfect but I know this crap happened, He lives down the block from  me. He goes to a school with a "Zero Tolerance Policy". Some Policy.

Yeah my nephew isn't a normal kid, but who is? He is super smart but lacking on the social skills. Being bullied certainly doesn't help his social skills!

I digress. Back to my point... in theory the policy is wonderful but it's just not implemented. Things happen and I hate it. I hate it because my oldest is a 1st grader in the same school my nephew attended in 4th & 5th grade. My son is VERY bright as well. How do I deal? I make sure he looks super cute all the time so at least they have 1 less thing to poke fun of him for. He's really a wonderful person and I don't want any kid to steal away what makes him so special. I will advocate for my son but things happen. Kids pick on each other. They will always find something. When it comes to girls versus boys, it will mull over.

Ok, off to pre-school to watch kids be kids and love each other (they don't know any better yet).

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smgrace said...

I agree with you. I think all these policies are great on paper and in theory but put them into practice and it all goes out the window!!! I know how you feel about your son, as my oldest is the same. Great, smart, caring and funny yet is a little socially awkward and when she is picked on or tells me things it hurts. Then I go to pre-K and they are so innocent with my youngest I just hope I can help them to become strong girls and rise above it all.