Friday, April 30, 2010

Something wonderful...

I am not a huge chocolate fan. Gasp, I know! A woman who doesn't love chocolate. I can take it or leave it. Nothing special.
I hate wine but I do adore beer. Hubby got me on Guinness too. YUM!
I am from the family I am from. Therefore, I like coffee. I hate to think about NOT drinking coffee i my family. I mean, it's just a thing. I digress. I like me some good coffee, I do.

Why all those statements? My new favorite cake is why. It's chocolate! I love a chocolate cake. I think it's my favorite! I should elaborate. It's a Chocolate Guinness Stout cake and it's amazing!.

I started off making it as cupcakes pretty much following Nigella's recipe but subbing in brown sugar for the superfine white sugar, and adding in some Malt to the batter as well as a heaping Tablespoon of instant coffee.

I decided to make a (get ready for this long name) Chocolate-Malted Guinness Cream Cheese Buttercream. I also think be far the best buttercream! :)

So, these little puppies were made.

These are mini cupcakes. Chocolate Guinness Stout Minis topped with Chocolate-Malted Guinness Cream Cheese Buttercream and a bittersweet chocolate chip to balance out any additional sweetness.

These are full-sized cupcakes.
Chocolate Guinness Stout Cupcakes filled with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache topped with Chocolate-Malted Guinness Cream Cheese Buttercream and a white chocolate malted milk ball.

I got rave reviews from those who ate them. I had a cake order for someone I know and I jumped at the chance to make this cake for them. So sitting in my fridge right now is a assembled-but-not-yet-finished cake. It's a 9" square layered Chocolate Guinness Stout Cake filled with the same Chocolate-Malted Guinness Cream Cheese Buttercream. It's all perfect and boxy. It will get covered in some yummy marshmallow fondant and decorated with more fondant and luster dust. I will take pictures when it's finished. 

I definitely LOVE this cake.. I might tweak it more to what I find best, but so far, I'm in ♥love♥

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