Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I miss about NY...

... honestly, not much but the food.
I miss GOOD bagels.
I miss the ability to get lox spread and it taste amazing and not cost an arm & a leg!
I miss the best pizza.
I miss the real Nathan's in Coney Island (yes, I'd go there just for the hot dogs - ok, and the cheese fries).
I miss White Castle (Krystal's or anyone else is NOT the same).
I miss Ben's.
I miss most Jewish food like Matzo Ball Soup.
I miss Peconic Bay scallops and fresh LOCAL seafood.
I miss the vegetarian Beef & Broccoli & the Vegetarian Wontons from Empire Szechuan.

I miss Dortonis.
I miss the Grandma's Pizza from Carmela's.
I miss Zeppole.
I miss Candy Kitchen Bacon, Egg, & Cheese on a roll.
I miss Butternut Squash Soup from Wild By Nature.
I miss Dr. B Well's.
I miss the Steamroom in Port Jefferson and their to-die-for Seafood Bisque that I could eat until I pop.

So why the nostalgia? Well, I went to Kroger Supermarket today and passed teh Kosher section which is impressive for down here in NC. I ended up with a 5-pack of Streit's Matzo. I made my 2 youngest Matzo Brei for the first time and they MORE than loved it. Here's a quick pic from my iPhone.

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