Thursday, December 8, 2011

Better Late than Never, right?

I'm just now posting about our Thankful Wall 2011. 
Yeah, I know, I know. But hey, at least you can see it!
We do this every year.
Convert 1 wall into a wall to write/draw what we are most thankful for.

This is the picture of the 2011 edition.
Please click it, make it big and enjoy our artwork :)

Quick run down of what's on there. 
We are thankful for: Henry Ford for making Fords, Mom & Dad, Our Fireplace, Books, Jesus dying on the cross for our salvation, our house, Movies, Recycling, Trees, our cats, restaurants, all the colors, brothers, school, the TV, coffee, turkey, my parents, the kitchen, Richland Creek (our church), that God made the earth, that my brother is still cancer-free, Charlie Brown specials, our neighborhood, glasses so mom (me) can see, food in our extra freezer, to be married to Tommy for 10+ years and us.

I save every years. I fold them up, write the year on the outside and save it. To see how they progress and to see what they are thankful for is a wonderful thing.

Now it's time for ME to thank YOU for reading this! :)

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Unknown said...

Argh. I commented earlier but I guess it didn't post.
But I wanted to say thank you for the idea-- for the first time we did something similar , but just for the day