Saturday, May 29, 2010

Only good enough....

I finally get it.

I am only good enough for "friends" who have transplanted from NY to NC until they make new friends. I am good enough to drive to and hang out with until they get settled into their place and then I get pushed aside and suddenly, I am too far away. I am good enough to go help "friends" unpack their stuff from their move but not good enough to ever make it to my kids birthdays.

I get it. I am only good enough until something better comes along. You'd think knowing people for over 25 years would merit some respect, some sort of decency but alas, they lost their class staying in NY too long apparently.

I probably shouldn't worry about it and dwell on it but it's annoying. They're probably not worth it anyway, right? I still feel like I get stabbed in the heart each time I see them post on Facebook or the like.

I am better than that. I have to believe that. I dont need them. I need to tell myself that over and over. yeah, right.

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ELL said...

i thought i replied to this....oh well.
i love you anyway.